Officially Licensed by Doctor WhoTwo inside tangerine welt pocketsTwo deep outside pocketsKick pleat with hidden buttonsOfficial TARDIS blue lining

Now ladies can have a Tenth Doctor Coat, too! Did you know that in an alternate universe, I’m a woman It’s true. Most people are, actually. One of the most common changes in an alternate universe: gender swap. It’s that or airships. Not sure why, exactly. Universe is a funny old place. But you know what wasn’t funny My coat! Well, her coat. The other me, that is: the Lady Doctor. Her coat looked just like mine! It had the same dark indigo lining, the same number of buttons, same number of pockets; it even held a sonic screwdriver exactly the same as mine, and a banana! I do enjoy a nice banana… Her coat was a little different, of course. A bit more form-fitting, for one thing. But it was the same warm cinnamon color and still all nice and flappy. When we foiled the plans of the Lady Master (not the Master as a woman--completely different villain altogether) her coat looked just as brilliant as mine when we leapt out of the building, narrowly escaping the explosion, and landed in the pile of satsumas we’d cleverly arranged to have delivered outside. And I’ve just realized this coat would be marvelous for any women out there who want to cosplay as the tenth Doctor. I’ve been told that dressing up like me and my companions has become quite the fashion these days, and I’ve arranged for my mates at AbbyShot to produce officially licensed replicas of my coat. Then I talked to the female version of me, and she did the same for her coat. So here you are, ladies: Your chance to be the Tenth Doctor. Come and get it.

AbbyShot Doctor Who Ladies Tenth Doctor's Coat ZTBUFUCVX

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AbbyShot Doctor Who Ladies Tenth Doctor's Coat ZTBUFUCVX

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